Welcome to the Blogging Area, this is the place where different blogs related to the wiki are posted. Before posting some blogs around here, please read the rules below first, in order to make no mistake!


  • Blog Name - The name of this blog must be appropriate for every viewers, if the blog title is inappropriate, you may be banned, blocked etc. depending on how inappropriate the blog title is. Always remember that there are also children viewing blogs and the wiki.
  • Proper Grammar - Words must be PROPERLY abbreviated, punctuated and capitalized. Do not shorten the words (Some example of shortened words are "u", "tbh", "omw"), as some viewers may not understand what it supposedly means, sentences must always be completed...
  • Make Sense - Some blog post don't make sense or doesn't have any thing useful in it, which wastes the spaces on the blogging area, always keep in mind that when posting a blog, the previous blog posted will be moved backwards, mostly important news can be moved farther, making the viewers, unable to read the news in a fast amount of time.
  • Originality/Copyright - Before posting one, please kindly find/search if there is already on of the blog. Many mistakes lead to making the same post as the other one which often confuse viewers or community members. Do not copy other blogger's post. Always put a wiki signature.
  • 2 Blogs Per Day - Too much blogging can cause lagging and sometimes even arguements on how many you've posted, so we, the staff in this wiki is now only allowing 2 Blogs per day, if you posted 3 Blogs, you will be given warnings (You can make more than 2 Blogs ONLY IF NEEDED).
  • Rallying - Most arguements start within blog posts, such as Rallying, which is very hard to eliminate. Rallying in this area is heavily prohibited, if you see someone rallying, please send us his/her Profile page.
  • Privacy - We are prohibiting of posting about yourself or someones privacy, some stalkers or kidnappers etc. can track you through that. Posting of your real names are also prohibited, as if you post one, your life/privacy can be in danger.

Well, that's all folks, you can now blog! Have fun blogging!

~~User:AlphaSpectre (Discussions Moderator) [4/18/16]