Hello there! It's me again AlphaSpectre, I just want to say that starting August 13th 2016 a new rule "Age Restriction" will be applied, children ages below 8 years old must be surpervised by their guardians at all times while in this wiki. Why? Most of the time, many here are children are lying about their age, they can be found out easily by their knowledge, which practically depends not only on their knowledge (Well because some children might be REALLY smart enough to not get caught). 

Why do we want you to make your Guardian supervise you?

- Well, in this wiki you don't know what'll happen next, you might be targeted by bullies, insulted, seeing of forbidden images posted by people who don't follow the rules. You might even be in danger so we want you to be safe at all times while surveying around the whole AoTTG wiki.

Well folks that's all! Goodbye!

AlphaSpectre (talk) 23:56, August 5, 2016 (UTC)