Titans are the only enemies in the game besides other players in PvP. They are the main antagonists in the manga/anime Attack On Titan. They come in different sizes and have different attack patterns and speeds depending on type and difficulty settings.

Abilities Edit

(Version 01042015)

Normal Titans walk, Abnormals run, and crawlers , run at a crawl. Most of the Titans are unpredictable and will attack out of the blue. For example, sometimes they will bite at the shoulder if you hook on to it, slam their hand at their faces, and Abnormal/s can jump and belly flop on the ground. Crawlers and Jumper Titans can jump extremely high to reach a player above ground. One titan, dubbed the Punk Titan, has the ability to throw rocks at the players, but this can also be a disadvantage to the titan/s. When the rock, coincidentally hits any part of another titan, it sits in a stunned state, causing it to be immobile for about 5 seconds.

Weaknesses Edit

The only way to kill a titan is by slice it in the nape of the neck. You can stun a titan by cutting its eyes or using Armin's special. Be aware that the titan will swing 2 punches and a ground smash will follow after you hit the eyes after a small delay. Titans can also grab the player, making them very dangerous, even on their blind spots. Once the player is caught, the titan will stare at the player for 2.5 seconds before being bitten in two.

In order to escape/ prevent from being caught by a titan, you must:

  • - Try to stay clear from the area directly in front, and behind it on the ground, as well as the shoulders.
  • - Have Jean's special ability (Note: Jean's skill only works once per game, so be careful)
  • - If a player is caught, he/she can be set free by other players by hitting the eyes, slicing the knees or kill the titan completely.
  • - The player CANNOT escape using the AHHS character without help from another player.
  • Eren's rogue titan special can also be used to escape from the titans grip.

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