City overveiw

An overview of the city, around 85% of it can be seen

The city is based on the Trost district from the anime/manga, this map features different kinds of houses, towers, the wall, the gate, and the breached gate. The north gate is the sealed gate and the breached gate is the south gate.

In the city there are many houses and building, because of the various height, which make it good for 3D maneuver gear ( the system gear used for killing titans). 

Early state

The early state, was without any streetfloor, but just dirt. The house were also plain colours, and there was not a breached gate nor a sealed gate.

Late state


A map of the city from above. Green dots: Titan spawn.. White dots: Towers.. Red square: Houses..

In version 09142013, the city had graphical update, this featured that the houses got windows, woodframe, and rock walls.

In version 11102013 the sealed and breached gates were introduced, which made the city more interesting. The walls had also added "squares" to the wall.

Single player

In single player mode, the spawns is fixed and always spawn at the same location. The abnormal/crawling titans are spawning on the same location. 

There will always be 15, titans per map, where 3 of them will be abnormal/crawler.

The abnormal/crawler spawn is the dot at right bottom corner, and Top right corner and middel at the top.

Only on abnormal difficulity, does the abnormal spawn at other locations.

There exist another version of signle player city, where there aren't titans but the goal is to captures boxes ( the only map without titans).



The sealed gate in the horizon, and some of the city

In multiplayer, the city exists in two versions; City and City III.


The players are against 20 normal titans, but player-controlled titans can also join. No one respawns before the round is over.

City III

City III is where the players respawn after 10 seconds. Each team starts with 200 points and when one team's points reaches 0, they lose. 12 checkpoints are located on the map, and the objective of the game is to capture these checkpoints. For each checkpoint captured, the opposite team's points will go down faster. Each checkpoint takes a different amount of time to capture.