There are four different statistics on the characters: SPD (Speed), GAS (Gas), BLA (Blades), ACL (Acceleration). This can only be found when you're on the customization option in the game.

Speed (SPD) - Stands for how fast a character is able to run on foot, and in the air.

Gas (GAS) - Stands for how much gas conservative the character has (The higher the number, the longer the character can go without having to refill).

Blades (BLA) - Stands for the amount of successful strikes a character has with each blade. The numbers change depending on how a character uses the blades to inflict an attack to a titan. The blades deteriorate whenever they meet any titan, no matter what part of it.

Acceleration (ACL) - Stands for how fast the character can reach their top speed in the air.

Original Character Customization Stats:

Speed (SPD) - 100

Gas (GAS) - 100

Blade (BLA) - 100

Acceleration (ACL) - 100


  • When creating a custom character, the player may choose between AHSS Gear and 3DMG.
  • Also, in the top left corner of the screen, there are two arrows. Pressing those arrows customizes the selected custom character and generates that has already been made.

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