Small and biggest titan

Here is a height comparison between the smallest (4 meter) and the biggest (15 meter)

While there exist different types of titans, there are also different sizes. They range from 4-15 meters.

In the game there are 4 sizes, small is 4 meters, medium is 6-7 meters, large is 10-12 and the biggest is 15 meters.

The different sizes exist to challenge the player to switch between heights to make the game more dynamic and tactical.

For example the 4 meter (normal) titan is (for some) the easiest of the normals to kill while the 4 meter crawler is usually the hardest.

4 Meter ClassEdit

4 meter class

A 4 meter normal class titan

This class of titan is the smallest of them all, it's often these kind of titans are the last left at the end of a map, because they are harder to find due to their size. The problem with this size of titan is that it are able to get anywhere almost, through almost any street, or opening. In their abnormal version they are mostly jumpers.

Strength :

  • Better at hiding / are hardest to find.
  • Lurking titan (mostly the crawling type) can often pose a great threat to the unsuspected player.
  • Their necks have small hit-boxes. This is especially dangerous when applied to crawlers.
  • They have almost no "safe-zones". For example, a player can stand between a 15-meter titan's legs and they can hook onto the stomach of the titan to avoid being killed. This is not the case with the 4-meter titans.

Weakness :

  • These titans are often easiest to kill since their weak point are closer to the ground, which means that characters like Levi and Petra find these titan very easy to kill as they can jump right on the neck with their abilities.
  • These titans are often killed using the "Equator Cut" technique, which takes care of them with ease.
  • Their attacks have small hit-boxes, which makes it more difficult for them to hit you.

6-7 meter classEdit

6-7 meter class abnormal black

An 6-7 meter class abnormal/deviant running through the street

This titans size is still small, which means that it is harder for this titan to hide and move around, and getting through most streets, there are some places it can't.


  • Still able to hide but not as effective as the 4 meter variety.
  • Are able to lurk and follow it prey, with the bigger hit-box it makes it more dangerous, if not suspected.


  • Still able to be killed from ground with attack as Levi's horizontal spin and Petra's vertical spin.

10-12 meter classEdit

10-12 meter lys titan

an 10-12 meter normal titan

This class is the second biggest non-boss titan type in the game, because of it size, it's attack are much larger and can cause more difficulties to avoid than the 4 and 6 meter class. This titan cannot, unlike their smaller counterparts, get through smaller streets, but are only able to walk or run (if abnormal) freely around in the major areas and some of the side roads.


  • It's hit-box is large and is able to attack players even if they are on top of a regular sized house.
  • Abnormal/Deviant and Crawlers air-grab of this size is harder to avoid since it's mouth hit-box is larger.


  • It's easier to find than smaller titans so this makes it easier to form a plan of attack.
  • Can't lurk/hide like the others.
  • It's nape hit-box is bigger than the smaller titans which makes it easier to kill.

15 meter classEdit

15 meter blocked titan

Because of it's massive size the titan is unable to move under the bridge.

This are currently the biggest titans in the game, and are massive compared to the 4 meter variants, these titans attacks are much more devastating than the smaller titans. Because of the bigger hands, feet, and mouth hit-boxes, it makes it much harder to avoid. Because of its massive size it is not very effective for them to move around (in city), only major streets and open areas are where the 15 meter class can move freely.


  • The attack hit-box of all the 15 meter class is much larger, then make it harder to avoid them.
  • Because of it's size the crawling version of the titan has a giant mouth, that makes it easier for it to eat the player.


  • The nape hit-box size is the biggest in the game (aside from bosses) which makes it easier to kill.
  • It's very easy to spot.
  • These titans cannot gain access to numerous areas, mainly on the default city map, so leading them into a street with a bridge (as seen above) is an effective escape strategy.

Trivia Edit

  • Most 4 meter class in abnormals are jumpers.
  • There are few individual blind spots on the 15 meter class' model.