Wiki Rules:

This are the rules that Visitors and Editors must follow

  • No Vandalism
  • No Cussing or Swearing in Comments
  • No Adding of Nonsense Articles
  • No Bullying
  • No Insulting in Comments

Doing the Following things below will get you blocked or demoted, depending on the severity of it

  • If you vandalize
  • If you start fights and be rude for no reason
  • If you add nonsense pages / categories
  • If you farm badges
  • If you swear or cuss
  • If you bully
  • If you start unwanted rumors

Chat Rules:

These are the rules that you must follow while in AOTTG Wiki Chat Room

  • No Swearing or Cussing
  • No Harassing
  • No Insulting
  • No Scamming
  • No Fighting
  • As much as you can, avoid Role Playing (RP) in the Wiki Chat
  • Don't act like a chat moderator
  • Don't tell your personal info (Like House Address or real life name)
  • No Bullying

Prohibited Acts


What is vandalism? Vandalism is an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. Vandalism isn't allowed in this wiki, when this prohibited act is done, it can do a disaster such as provided false information and falling of a person's reputation in this wiki. If you have caught one doing this violation, please immediately contact an admin of this wiki, or, report to Wikia.

Too much usage of Uppercase letters (Caps-Lock)

Too much usage of uppercase letters indicate or mean that you are shouting, as much as possible avoid typing in caps-lock as it indicates that you are shouting even though you don't mean it. If you see someone talking in full caps-lock tell them to stop, if they still won't listen report to AoTTG Wiki admin(s).

False Accusation/Info

Nowadays many people tell other people false information or accusation which often leads to misdirection/mistakes or arguments that may lead to serious problems. Before writing an information in an article or in the comment always check if it works or else it may lead to mistakes or arguments, before accusing another person, you must first make sure that it is completely true and must have a proof.

Posting of Sexual Videos/Posts

Posting any kind of video which is directed to porn is prohibited, if you post one video even just one second of it, you'll be given a warning to delete the posted video, if you still have violated this rule, you can be either banned, kicked and blocked (it mostly depends on how sever is the post or video). Posting even just words that indicate sexuality is also not allowed).

Cussing or Usage of Offensive Words

Cussing or usage of offensive words such us "F*ck", "Ass****" etc. is prohibited, as AOTTG is an all age (Meaning that any child may read or go to this wiki. You may be kicked, blocked, banned from this wiki depending of the severity of the word used.


This wiki is a BULLY-FREE area, bullying is prohibited in this wiki, as it can lead to suicide thoughts, physical, emotion and mental problems. If you see someone bullying another person, stand up for the victim and don't just be a bystander, remember don't think that just because your standing up for a victim means that you will be the bully's new target, remember a simple insult can lead to insanity or self-harming due to problems.


Spamming here is not allowed, neither the wiki chat or comment, it is annoying to people, some important messages may not be read because of spamming. If you see someone spamming tell them to stop and if they still won't listen please report to AoTTG staff or to Wikia Staff.


Self-advertising or wiki advertising here is prohibited, as this area is not made for advertising. If someone is advertising please don't insult or cuss against them, please, gently tell them to not advertise and tell an AoTTG staff to fix the stated problem.

Acting like a Moderator

Please don't act as if you really are a moderator, taking the moderator's role is not allowed, as normal accounts without promotion can do nothing to fix problems within wiki area (Like banning and blocking). When you see someone acting like a moderator please gently tell them to stop, as well if they still won't listen report to wikia or AoTTG staff.

Editing Rules

Grammar and Spelling

Always check your comment/edit in order to prevent wrong spelling or grammar. Because others may not understand what you are referring or indicating.

For Example: Here color isn't spell "Colour"

Usage of other language other than English

It is fine and not prohibited to use other language but always use English, since it is the International Language. Many people speak English, and if you speak through other languages it might be hard to understand and usage of other language may be a way for cyber-bullies to victimize other people without knowing.


If the article isn't yet completed always use the template "Stub", which indicates that some information are still not inputted.

Adding images to articles

We highly recommend you to add images to articles for the best interface with readers and making it interesting causing the reader to read it more. Always remember DON'T add pornographic pictures or else you'll be banned, kicked, blocked neither of them depending the severity of the image.