Player Titan (also known as a PT), is as the name says, a player controlling a titan. This feature was introduced to the game in the 05122014 Update.

Early StagesEdit

In the earlier stages of the game, you only had the option to play as a jumper titan, although in all the different sizes and different skins. The sizes and skins are random, and are not chosen by the player. In the early stages, the player-titan had no stamina-bar (which was introduced in the later stages), but after a lot of complaining and requests a stamina-bar was introduced.

Later StagesEdit

Later in the game the option to play as a crawler was introduced. Although it isn't possible for the player to directly choose being a crawler, by choosing the titan class "random",  there is a small chance for the player-titan to spawn as a crawler, the crawler work exactly like a normal crawler, except the player has stamina (Energy).

The Stamina Bar was also introduced, this was a attempt to make the game more balanced/fair, towards the human players, whether it was the perfect choice is still being discussed.

Playing as a TitanEdit

Playing as a titan is considered to be easier than playing as a human. Here are the basic controls:


WASD - Moving in an direction (depending on camera direction).

Left Click (Once) - This will trigger the titan will attack were the titan will slap 2 times (one with each hand)

Left Click (Twice) - This is will cause the titan to hit with both hands on the ground (after the slap attack has been triggered)

Right Click - This will cause the titan to belly-flop, which is commonly known from aberrant class titan

Space Bar - This will cause the titan to jump, and is able to be steered in the air, (beware that the jump can kill players, if they are hit by the mouth, since the titan open it as a attempt to bite the player).

Shift (Hold) - This will cause the titan to walk "normally" to blend in with the other titans, or regenerate stamina (slower than standing still)


(If you run over the player, you will kill the player either by getting eaten or trampled down)

WASD - Moving in an direction (depending on camera direction).

Left click - This will cause the crawler to jump attack (be wary that a crawler can't steer in the air and that its jump 45 degree upwards, while the jumper jumps 90 degree upwards)

Shift - Slow running, though this will still cost stamina to use but low consumption.

Stamina barEdit

This is universal to the titans like the Gas is to the humans, all player-titans have a bar of stamina/energy, which they can use for either attack or run, standing still will regenerate stamina rapidly (Fast Recharge) while walking (only as a Jumper) or if using deviants and walking slowly will also regenerate stamina but slower (Slow Recharge).