Crawler Image

Image of a Crawler

Crawler is an abnormal/deviant type of titan that were first introduced to the game in Version 11102013. They are one of the most hardest to battle, even for veterans. They are the rarest of titans to appear in the game. They can Jump and as well Crawl. You can stop them from reaching you by, using an obstacle, using a titan as 'Wall Meat'. You can never blind them. They can be found randomly, they are hard to find since they are in crawling mode even when you're not attracting it.

Trivia Edit

  • The smaller the crawler, the higher it jumps and speed
  • Even if below them, they can kill you
  • Once it's mouth reaches you, you die
  • They can be a big problem when battling multiple titans
  • When battling Crawlers, you should use Mikasa's special as it deals high damage and attacks down wards (and Vertically), making it easier to eliminate.