The Colossal Titan is a boss in the game, it were first featured in version 31122014.

The boss battle take place in the city, where the player/players are to defend a group of civilians, from abnormal/deviant titans that are running through the city. The abnormal titans ignores players, and are solely focused on getting to the civilians. Near the breach of the southern wall, there will be stationary titans to defend the colossal titan on the ground. To win the match, the colossal titan are to be killed, but at the same time the player must defend the civilians. This makes the battle better for team-play, because there are both need for offensive and defensive, although the map is able to be soloed, it must be done quickly, and is pretty hard to do by yourself. Cooperation is needed to end the Colossal Titan.

Attack Set

The Colossal Titan has a variety of attack moves, and can be divided in two kind of attacks. The first one is the physical attacks, like all other titans, the colossal titan can attack with it's hands, but due to it's massive size the colossal titan are only able to attack people above the wall, with the physical attacks. The second attack is the steam attack, which is much more deadlier than the physical attacks, because the attack covers the whole body of the Colossal Titan.

Physical Attacks

The physical attacks are "least" dangerous of the Colossal titan's attack set, since the colossal titan can only able to attack the wall, then it's fairly easy to avoid them (by not being on top the wall). The only time were the player need to be aware of these attacks, is when the player are spawning, because the player are spawning right in front of the colossal titan, on the wall, so a surprise attack is very likely to take place. The colossal titans attack cover a large part of the southern wall, mostly by "clapping" the wall, but are also able to swing the hand.

Steam Attacks

The Colossal Titan is able to unleash out steam off it's body.The Yellow Steam is the most dangerous of the attack set, because it is covering the whole body of the titan, Direct contact with the steam will cause the player to die of the heat. The Red Steam is unleashed out of the Colossal Titan if their are nearby humans to it which will throw them far away from itself. The White Steam is unleashed by the Colossal Titan to hide away from humans. The Colossal Titan has it's own stamina, it also refills/charges itself by releasing a Yellow Steam. You will be able to know when it's recharging when it also releases two or more steams.

RED Steam - Released to throw nearby humans far away from it

YELLOW Steam - Released to kill humans nearby the Colossal Titan (Hot Steam)

WHITE Steam - Released for the Colossal Titan to hide from humans


  • The hit box and model alignment for the colossal titan are both offset, sometimes causing the player to clip through the top layer of the skin. This can also lead to bad registration of the nape hitbox.
  • Sometimes if abnormal(s) reach the civilians nothing happens, instead the abnormal just runs back to the broken gate.
  • Sometimes if you hit the Colossal Titan's neck you will be thrown away forcefully, even if the colossal titan isn't releasing Red Steam.
  • When the Colossal Titan releases a large amount of steam particles, it may cause the frame rate to drop, mostly when the Boss titan kicks out the gate.
  • Using many types of Reeling techniques can help you exterminate the Colossal Titan quickly (as long as it does high damage).
  • Most of the titans spawned beside the Colossal Titan aren't attracted to humans, however the exceptions cannot usually travel through the broken gate, but can be led to the inside by getting close to them or attacking them.
  • Titans aren't affected by the Colossal Titan's different steams.
  • Levi's special should be used when attacking the nape since it is accurate and deals high damage.
  • Slashing the Colossal Titan's eyes cannot damage/stun it.
  • The Colossal Titan is first ever boss to be released in the tribute game.
  • The Rogue Titan/ Eren titan cannot kill or damage the Boss Titan.

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