Annie or Female Titan is a Boss Titan. She can only be fought in two different locations, The Forest and The Outside Walls. She can be spawned in The Outside Walls, while in the forest she can't, but she can be fought in the forest by using the game mode to Annie I and Annie II.


Annie moves extremely fast, and can catch up to you at any speed. She mostly uses kick attacks, like a sweep and high kicks. Just like every other Titan, her attack will kill you as soon as she makes contact. She usually goes for one player until she kills them or they kill themselves, then moves on to the next player


She is able to be hit on the nape of her neck and on her ankle. If you hit her on the nape of the neck, which is more difficult than hitting her ankle, she will take damage, but not immobilized. Your blades will also break when you hit her nape. Hitting her on the ankle will cause her to fall on her knees. You can use this opportunity to jump on her and slash her nape, making it easy to get real damage with a lot of players. There is sometimes a glitch on which you hit the ankle, but she does not fall.

Ankle - Slashing her ankle causes her to fall and become immobilize, allowing titan exterminators to slash it's nape.

Nape - Slashing her nape deals damage to her, it is needed to deal high enough damage to exterminate the Female Titan.


● In the October 2014 update, you can play as Annie (Human Form), but you are unable to access her Female Titan.

● If you use mods, you can transform into a Female Titan. You can use this form to kill other players.

● Once you defeat the Female Titan, 16 Titans will spawn. Beware, there will be at least one crawler and lots of Deviants while very few normal titans.

● Eren's Titan form deals no damage to the Female Titan. She can easily end Titan Eren or The Rouge Titan with one kick and cause Eren to emerge from the nape of Eren Titan/Rouge Titan, leaving him an open target.

● Sometimes the female titan doesn't fall when you slash it's ankle.

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