Abnormal or Deviant is the second type of the titans you can eliminate. They act differently from the normal titans, they can also run. Their attacks are mostly dangerous, if close with them they will Belly-Flop above you and kill you, sometimes their 'Rage Combo' or 3 Slap Combo, they don't mostly grope humans. There are types of them, their are many of them. The hardest of them know is the Punk then the second is the Crawler. Once they sense you, you have no escape unless running away from them but low chance to escape or someone attracts them. Their are three types of abnormal(s), the Punk, Crawler and Jumper.

Physical Attacks Edit

Here is the list that Abnormal/Deviants can do to attack you.

Three Slap Combo - They mostly do this when they are blinded. (Normal Titans also do this)

Belly Flop - They will jump and then land of you, it is the easiest attack that you can escape that is done by them

Trivia Edit

  • They are known hardest for new players to battle or eliminate
  • They do not loose health or take damage when they Belly Flop
  • It is hard to aim their name since they run
  • They run in Zig-Zag ways